Create a new training experience

Create THE web page of your training. Gather your media, add interactive activities. Engage your trainees during onsite training, and keep in touch after the session.

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Engage your trainees

Everything on the same page

No more juggling between media. Combine Powerpoint, Prezi, videos into a single URL easy to share with your trainees.

Engaging interactive trainings

Start interactive activities in just a few clicks. Poll their opinions, assess their knowledge, evaluate your training.

Communicating trainees

Start discussions, create a cooperative mindset between trainees, before, during, and after the onsite session.

Bring a continuity to the training with the same tool

ClassCall blended learning

Before the training
Partagez des prérequis, sondez les besoins pour préparer la session présentielle

During onsite sessions
stimulez vos formés avec des activités interactives. Ils deviennent acteurs de la formation

After the training
Follow your trainees to help them apply their knowledge. Keep in touch to easily offer consulting services